Whitney Biennial 1983

Mar 15–May 29, 1983

The Whitney Biennial 1983 was curated by John G. Hanhardt, Barbara Haskell, Richard Marshall, and Patterson Sims.

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In the News

“Some of the lions were baring their teeth at the Whitney Biennial [. . .] though it must be said that a rigorous course of dentistry would not have been amiss.” —The Burlington Magazine

“There is [. . .] a considerable tautening in the character of the present Biennial. Not too many artists are involved, for one thing. For another, there is a serious attempt to deal both with photography as it overlaps with art and with video.” —The New York Times

“Seen through the lens of the Whitney Museum’s 1983 Biennial Exhibition, today’s photography would seem to be almost totally preoccupied with questions of personal identity and the effects of mass media.” —The New York Times

“. . . no one who watches the right screens in this Biennial can come away with the complaint that video is boring.” —The New York Times

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