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Whitney Biennial 1983
Mar 15–May 29, 1983

The Whitney Biennial 1983 was curated by John G. Hanhardt, Barbara Haskell, Richard Marshall, and Patterson Sims.

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James Benning
Barbara Buckner
Bruce Charlesworth
Eileen Cowin
William Crozier
Vivienne Dick
Juan Downey
Howard Fried
Ernie Gehr
Matthew Geller
Barry Gerson
Mike Glier
Shalom Gorewitz
Martha Haslanger
James Herbert
Oliver Jackson
Lance Kiland
Ken Kobland
Bill Lundberg
Philip Maberry
Melissa Miller
Sandy Moore
Max Neuhaus
Judy Rifka
George Rodart
Stuart Sherman
Kenneth Shorr
Bob Snyder
Warren Sonbert
Edin Vélez
Daniel Walworth

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