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Whitney Biennial 1977
Feb 19–Apr 3, 1977

The Whitney Biennial 1977 was curated by John G. Hanhardt, Barbara Haskell, Mark Segal, Patterson Sims, and Marcia Tucker.

View the full exhibition catalogue at the Internet Archive.

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In the News

“The Whitney Museum’s 1977 Biennial has been praised by some and harshly criticized by others who have denounced many of the entries as trivial, silly, pretentious, or vulgar. [. . .] The vituperations should not cause spectators to overlook numerous other works of real quality . . .” —Art Journal

“Recent experience gives us ample reason to know in advance that the specialty of these shows—the thing that gives them their special quality and flavor—is a surpassing esthetic boredom. They seem to be governed by a positive hostility toward—a really visceral distaste for—anything that might conceivably engage the eye in a significant or pleasurable visual experience.” —The New York Times

“. . . one of the few places where American artists can uninhibitedly display their efforts in a non-commercial showcase.” —The New York Times

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Sara Ludy, Tumbleweeds

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