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Whitney Biennial 1975
Jan 20–Apr 9, 1975

The Whitney Biennial 1975 was curated by John Hanhardt, Barbara Haskell, James Monte, Elke Solomon, and Marcia Tucker.

View the full exhibition catalogue at the Internet Archive.

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In the News

“A push toward change is symbolized in the museum’s current biennial exhibition . . .” —The New York Times

“The Whitney curatorial staff has amply demonstrated its weakness for funky, kinky, kitschy claptrap in recent years, and there is the inevitable abundance of this rubbish in the current show. There is also a fair representation of perfectly serious abstract painting [. . .]. There are excursions into realism, both of the academic and photorealist persuasions, and the requisite portion of Conceptual art.” —The New York Times

“The Whitney has lately been eclectic in its tastes—with if anything a bias in favor of boisterous, kitsch-oriented work from way out of town—and I see no signs in the 1975 Biennial Exhibition of any change of heart in that respect.” —The New York Times

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