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First Biennial Exhibition of Contemporary American Sculpture, Watercolors and Prints
Dec 5, 1933–Jan 11, 1934

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Rifka Angel
Boris Aronson
Maurice Becker
Ahron Ben-Shmuel
Theresa F. Bernstein
Lawrence Blazey
Simeon Braguin
Edgar Britton
Albino Cavallito
Francis Chapin
Willard R. Cox
Florence Ballin Cramer
Carl G. Cutler
Gustaf Dalstrom
Morris Davidson
Alice Decker
Frederick K. Detwiller
George William Eggers
Rudolph Evans
Gerald Foster
Hans Foy
Anna Glenny
Aaron J. Goodelman
Cecil Howard
Jo Jenkins
S. B. Kahan
J. Wallace Kelly
Hayley Lever
John Lonergan
Helen McAuslan
Hannah Mecklem
Jo Mielziner
Charles Hovey Pepper
Carlotta Petrina
John Ramsey
Jean Paul Slusser
Bunji Tagawa
Marion Walton
Esther Williams
Louis Wolchonok
William Wolfson

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