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1959 Annual Exhibition of Contemporary American Painting
Dec 9, 1959–Jan 31, 1960

View the full exhibition catalogue at the Internet Archive.


Sam Amato
Fred Berman
Frederick Black
Donald S. Bloom
Cameron Booth
Gretna Campbell
Chen Chi
Robert D’Arista
Charles Steven Duback
Edward Dugmore
Yonia Fain
Louis Finkelstein
Shirl Goedike
Augustus Goertz
William Ivey
Robert Keyser
Richard Lidner
Paul Mommer
William Morehouse
Tetsuo Ochikubo
Cyril Osborne
Anthony Palumbo
James Penney
Ruth Ray
Charles Schucker
Symeon Shimin
Thomas Sills
Sidney Simon
Kimber Smith
Teiji Takai
Brie Taylor
Jack Zajac

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