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The Bruce High Quality Foundation 

Founded 2001 in Brooklyn, New York

The Bruce High Quality Foundation, a group of anonymous artists, uses performances and pranks to critique the art world. For the work on view in 2010, the Foundation repurposed an iconic vehicle as a “portable museum,” a site for both reviving and putting to rest American cultural myths. Designed to be both an ambulance and a hearse, the Cadillac Miller-Meteor has been used to care for the dying, transport the dead, and as a prop in the movie Ghostbusters. The title of this work refers to Joseph Beuys’s 1972 performance I Like America and America Likes Me. Upon arriving in New York from his native Germany for his performance, the artist was bundled into a Cadillac ambulance and shuttled to an art gallery, where he kept company with a coyote for three days before returning directly to the airport. Beuys’s personal, ritualized confrontation with the United States is revisited here as a collective experience. A video projected on the windshield surveys a contemporary culture defined by YouTube clips, Hollywood movies, and news media. The voice-over describes an ambivalent, yearning relationship with the United States, as if the country were a dysfunctional family member or abusive lover.


"Their Own Brucennial"
The New York Times (February 2010)

"Forget the Biennial, 2010 is All About the Brucennial"
The L Magazine (February 2010)

"The Nifty 50: Bruce High Quality Foundation"
T Magazine/The New York Times (January 2010)

"Bruce High Quality Foundation, _Art History With Benefits, at X-Initiative" (November 2009)

"Artists Without Mortarboards"
The New York Times (September 2009)

"Money Talks"
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"And the Beat Goes On"
The New York Times (December 2009)



A 30-second online art project:
Ryan Kuo, Hateful Little Thing

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