Hannah Greely

Born 1979 in Dickson, Tennessee
Lives and Works in Los Angeles, California

Like many of Hannah Greely’s sculptures, Dual replicates everyday objects—here two booths in a dark bar—but with subtle incongruities of material or form. Visible indications of these discrepancies, like the length of the seat cushions and the height of the tables as well as the obviously handmade pay phone, take on a surreal presence within the otherwise mundane setting of a dive bar. Even the tears in the vinyl seats or spots of discoloration on the wood-paneled walls are carefully crafted by the artist. The partition that divides the work compounds its uncanny effect. As the sculpture invites an intricate play of similarity and difference, the familiar becomes strange, and a sense of psychological unease emerges in the gap between what is a real-world object and what is a sculptural facsimile.

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