Ania Soliman

Born 1970 in Warsaw, Poland
Lives and Works in Basel, Switzerland and New York, New York

NATURAL OBJECT RANT: The Pineapple comprises twenty-six montages, each corresponding to a letter of the alphabet, and twenty-six text panels that explore the pineapple’s history as an exotic commodity tied up with the politics of colonialism. Reminiscent of Dadaist photomontages from the 1930s such as those by German artist Hannah Höch, each montage is a hybrid of two digital images, sourced from the internet. The accompanying panels of text are written by the artist and informed by her research and impressions on the subject of the pineapple and its historical significance. Soliman provides a political and cultural context for this tropical fruit—a prized object from distant lands that exemplifies luxury, conquest, and consumption.

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