Alex Hubbard

Born 1975 in Toledo, Oregon
Lives and Works in Brooklyn, New York

Over the course of Annotated Plans for an Evacuation (2009), on view on the Museum's third floor, Alex Hubbard continuously alters the appearance of a used Ford Tempo. Whether spackling the rear tires, balancing a water jug on the engine block, or spray painting the driver’s side windows, Hubbard approaches each task with a deadpan purposefulness. His process seems to follow a deliberate plan, yet each action ultimately appears to serve no larger aim than sustaining relentless activity. Hubbard’s continuous transformation of the car is shot in static profile by a camera attached to the side of the vehicle. Hubbard has compared the shallow space of his videos to the surface of a canvas; indeed, as much as Annotated Plans for an Evacuation documents a working process, it can also be understood as a changing pictorial arrangement of the car—its planes, lines, and colors.

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