Yasunao Tone: Paramedia

FRI, May 4, 2012
7:45–8:30 pm

Fourth Floor

Arika describes this program as follows:

Yasunao Tone is one of the major sound artists of the last fifty years. His unconventional musical work brings together certain forms of traditional eastern culture, western philosophy, and media theory to create dense, immersive sound environments.

A dense, hard, immersive, chaotic spatial performance in sound: a momentary gap in consciousness, free of order or decision. Paramedia is a dense, immersive environment constructed using eight speaker stacks and custom-built hardware that splits multiple pre-prepared sound sources by their frequency, each speaker stack receives any sound produced within it’s designated frequency range, creating a split, spatial, aurally disjointed, and hallucinatory experience.

Yasunao Tone is in our opinion one of the great media artists of the last fifty years and one of the great musicians working within a practice of conceptualism. In the '60s he was involved with the politicized, social interventions of the Hi-Red Center and Team Random (the first computer art group in Japan). He was a founding member of Group Ongaku, the very first experimental music group in Japan (other members include Takehisa Kosugi and Mieko Shiomi), an active member of Fluxus, and has lived and worked in New York since the early '70s.

For more information, visit arika.org.uk.

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