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Warhol Film Screening—Interior vs. Exterior/Public vs. Private

Mar 3, 2019, 2pm
Mar 6, 2019, 2pm

Floor 3, Theater

During his lifetime, Warhol actively crafted a public persona suggesting that he had little use for intimate relationships. In truth, Warhol had deep and long-lasting friendships and relationships with the people in his circles. These affections, and likewise his intimate obsessions, are revealed in works such as his 1950s ballpoint ink drawings of boys and of men’s feet. For the most part these works remained unknown until after the artist’s death, but are echoed in Warhol’s earliest film work, where subjects were drawn from his most intimate of circles: lovers, fellow artists, poets, dancers, and the like. The silent short films in this program, shot on Warhol’s hand-held Bolex camera in intimate and often underlit domestic settings, required Warhol to be situated no further than three feet from his subjects—the objects of his desire—which gives lie to his self-wrought distanced and misanthropic persona.

Sunday, March 3, 2019
2 pm

Wednesday, March 6, 2019
2 pm

Kenward Elmslie, 1963
16mm, black-and-white, silent; 4:30 min. @ 16 fps; 4 min @ 18 fps

John Washing, 1963
16mm, black-and-white, silent; 4:30 min. @ 16 fps; 4 min @ 18 fps

Alan Marlowe and Diane di Prima, 1964
16mm, black-and-white, silent; 4:24 min. @ 16 fps, 3:54 min. @ 18 fps

John and Ivy, 1965
16mm, black-and-white, sound; 33 min. @ 24 fps

Outer and Inner Space, 1965
16mm, black-and-white, sound; 67 min. at 24 fps in single-screen format, 33 min. at 24 fps in double-screen format

Total running time: 80 minutes, with Outer and Inner Space presented in double-screen

Tickets are required ($12 adults; $10 members, seniors, students, and visitors with disabilities).  See all screening programs for just $99 with the Warhol Film Package ($89 members, seniors, students, and visitors with disabilities). 



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