Warhol Film Screening—"Do It Yourself": Warhol as Balletomane

Nov 17, 2018, 7 pm
Nov 23, 2018, 2 pm

Floor 3, Theater

Taking inspiration from the gallery presentation of both Warhol’s early drawings featuring dancers, and most significantly, his Dance Diagrams, this program traces how Warhol’s continued obsession with dancers and dance played out in his film work. Warhol’s deep interest in dance manifested early, with his involvement in his college’s dance club, and is encumbered by Warhol’s complex feelings about the attractiveness and adequacy of his own body. Perhaps not feeling physically equipped enough to become a dancer himself (“I never wanted to be a painter; I wanted to be a tap-dancer,” he once famously proclaimed), he turned to dancers, and their ideal bodies, as subjects. Avant-garde dancer-choreographers such as Lucinda Childs, Freddy Herko and Yvonne Rainer, and dance critic Jill Johnston were his stars. Like the do-it-yourself instructions in his Dance Diagram works, Warhol’s early filmmaking practice—marked by his use of commercially available equipment and film stock and trial by error filmmaking technique—reflected the similarly do-it-yourself aesthetic of these artists’ dance works. 

Freddy Herko (ST137), 1964
16mm, black-and-white, silent; 4:36 min. at 16 fps, 4:06 min. at 18 fps

Lucinda Childs (ST52), 1964
16mm, black-and-white, silent; 4:30 min. at 16 fps, 4 min. at 18 fps

Lucinda Childs (ST53), 1964
16mm, black-and-white, silent; 4:24 min. at 16 fps, 3:54 min. at 18 fps

Shoulder, 1964
16mm, black-and-white, silent; 4:10 min. at 16 fps, 3:42 min. at 18 fps

Jill and Freddy Dancing, 1963
16mm, black-and-white, silent; 4:30 min. at 16 fps, 4 min. at 18 fps 

Jill Johnston Dancing, 1964
16mm, black-and-white, silent; 22 min. at 16 fps, 19 min. at 18 fps

Total running time: 43 minutes

Saturday, November 17, 2018
7 pm

Friday, November 23, 2018
2 pm

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