Reclaiming Narratives: Henry Taylor's Visual Biographies

Sept 27–Oct 11, 2023

Online, via Zoom

Wednesday, September 27
6 pm

Wednesday, October 4
12 pm

Wednesday, October 11 
6 pm

A sense of fundamental empathy emerges from Henry Taylor’s work, on view this fall in the artist’s first career survey, Henry Taylor: B Side. Taylor creates deep connections that go beyond the canvas through close examination and sharp social critique. This connection, initially between the artist and his subjects, extends to a wider community guided by Taylor’s unwavering empathy for people and their histories.

Join us for this program, led by museum educator Jacqueline Cofield, as we delve into the societal dynamics and individual lives portrayed in Taylor’s creations. Gain a deeper understanding of the intricate threads that weave his art together. Through a focused exploration, we will unravel Taylor’s approaches to navigating sociopolitical currents with visual narratives spanning many genres. His depictions of a diverse array of subjects draw upon and challenge a range of art-historical influences. Discover how Taylor infuses tenderness, care, and community into his work to amplify voices, reclaim stories, and weave a vibrant tapestry of human experiences.

Jacqueline M. Cofield (she/her) is a doctoral candidate at Columbia University’s Teachers College. Her primary research amplifies the voices of underrepresented individuals within art history to connect the spheres of culture, learning, and societal transformation. Cofield’s academic pursuits encompass diverse disciplines, including art history, Black studies, museum education, and curriculum design. She is also a documentary filmmaker, podcaster, educator, and curator. These varied roles underscore her dedication to nurturing global artistic dialogues and promoting cross-cultural understanding. Cofield additionally holds degrees from NYU Tisch School of the Arts, the University of Southern California, and the City College of New York, CUNY. She has curatorial and museum training from The Metropolitan Museum of Art and The Studio Museum in Harlem.

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