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Member Preview Days for Inheritance

Throughout the Whitney

Thursday, June 22, 10:30 am–6 pm
Friday, June 23, 10:30 am–10 pm
Saturday–Monday, June 24–26, 10:30 am–6 pm

Be among the first to explore Inheritance during five full days of Member Previews. 

Inheritance interweaves narrative with documentary, layering quotidian individual experiences atop historical and generational events. Rather than draw distinctions between these categories, the exhibition considers the notion of inheritance as a concept or method of transmission: from one time to the next, one person to the next, one idea to the next. Spanning the last six decades, the artworks on view—painting, sculpture, video, photography, and installation—ask us to consider what has been passed on and how it may shift, change, or live again.

Refigured, Jaune Quick-to-See Smith: Memory Map, Josh Kline: Project for a New American Century, and The Whitney’s Collection: Selections from 1900 to 1965 will also be on view.

All members are invited to these viewings. Be sure to review our up-to-date visitor policies before you head to the Museum. 

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A 30-second online art project:

Rick Silva, Liquid Crystal

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