Learning Series Lectures in Contemporary Art: America and Utopia—Artist’s Visions in the Twentieth and Twenty-first Centuries

Thurs, Oct 17, 2013
7:30–9 pm

Learning Series Members in the Curate Your Own Program

This two-part course taught by Whitney Teaching Fellow Paula Burleigh will explore ideas of "American-ness," American culture, and the American Dream in twentieth century and contemporary art. The current exhibitions Robert Indiana: Beyond LOVE and T. J. Wilcox: In the Air will serve as anchors for the discussion. Both Indiana and Wilcox address a constellation of ideals related to the so-called American Dream, including progress, freedom, and self-determination, creating work in which affirmation and critique—utopic and dystopic visions—exist side by side. For both artists, technology, in its promising and darker possibilities is closely tied to notions of American culture and society. Both artists also look to history for perspective on the present. Lecture, gallery talks, and discussion will survey these and other themes from the moment of 1950s Pop art through contemporary developments.

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Thursdays, October 17 and 24, 7:30–9 pm
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Option 3: Sundays, December 8 and 15, 11:30 am–1 pm

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