Brendan Fernandes: The Master and Form

May 17–June 30, 2019

Floor 5

Brendan Fernandes conceived of this installation as an exploration of the mastery and discipline embodied by ballet. A sculptural installation of five structures—which he calls “devices”—ten hanging ropes, and a central cage is animated at times by a group of dancers. The minimalist objects, which both assist and encumber the dancers, enable poses that test endurance in overt displays of physical tension and self-control. The structure, which resembles a cage, offers dancers a space to rest and stretch. Fernandes has likened the project to S&M culture, noting that they each place “an emphasis on trust and confidence within a space where roles of mastery and submission are in play.” When the dancers are absent, the installation includes recorded sound of the performers. 

Fridays 5–9 pm
Saturdays 12–4 pm
Sundays 12–4 pm

Fridays 5–9 pm

Fridays 5–9 pm
Saturdays 12-4 pm
Sundays 12–4 pm

Costumes: Johanna Davenport Calica 

Hector Cerna
Tiffany Mangulabnan
Charles Gowin
Violetta Komyshan
Josep Maria Monreal Vidal
Amy Saunder
Mauricio Vera
Allison Walsh
Jennifer Whalen
Tyler Zydel

This event is free with Museum admission.

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