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MPA Interviews a YI Leader
Feb 16, 2017

YI leader Gia observes RED IN VIEW. Photograph by Natasha Stanglmayr

In February, YI Leader Gia interviewed the artist MPA, whose exhibition MPA: RED IN VIEW is at the Museum through February 27, 2017. Visitors to the exhibition are invited to pick up the phone in the Lobby Gallery and be interviewed by people on the other end of the line. During their discussion, MPA and Gia swapped roles and the artist asked Gia some questions. Gia noted that perhaps this role reversal exemplifies what participating in The Interview might be like.

YI leader Nicole on The Interview phone in RED IN VIEW. Photograph by Natasha Stanglmayr

MPA: Would you go to Mars?

Gia: I am actually thinking about that because I am in the process of applying to college, and I've declared a lot of computer science or engineering related majors because my goal was always to work at NASA and travel to space. In terms of orbiting, I am thinking about the amount of fuel that would take. I wouldn't go to space unless it became something we all have to do if we had to evacuate earth, which is also very terrible.

MPA: Do you ever think you would participate in one of these biosphere experiments?

Gia: I actually would! I went vegan very recently, I have been giving up a lot of the preconceived notions of everything. I’ve been more willing to throw away my stuff, live in smaller space, eat different foods. I think once you change one aspect of your routine, you start opening up to changing so many aspects of your routine. I think I would be comfortable with living in a lot of different situations.

MPA: Do you think that we can change the conditions or do you think it’s possible for humans exist on this planet without war?

Gia: I think the concept of war is very interesting, because from the beginning of time the only way we felt we could secure a position or actually own something is by fighting for it. I’m very pro-peace, I love being in peaceful situations, I really hope that I never live to see another war and I hope beyond me there will be no other wars. I feel like if people don't accept other people’s differences or all the things that don't look like our immediate realities, then it’s going be very difficult for us to accept that there are so many different types of people in the world, and that’s going to inevitably cause conflict. But I do think that peace is attainable if we can just live and accept people for who they are. 

YI Leaders with MPA. Photograph by Natasha Stanglmayr

By Gia, YI Leader



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