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Joan Tisch Teaching Fellows

We are pleased to announce an exciting update to the Joan Tisch Teaching Fellows Program at the Whitney Museum. In order to better support advanced graduate students pursuing their Ph.D., the Program offers a $500 base pay per month during the entire three-year position in addition to paying Teaching Fellows for the tours, programs, talks or classes they lead. 

The Joan Tisch Teaching Fellows Program offers graduate students pursuing advanced degrees in art and art history the unique opportunity to work directly with the Whitney Museum's collection and audiences within a community of academic support. Participants in the program design specialized tours and lecture to museum visitors, public program audiences, and senior audiences. Fellows meet for support with scholarly work and for training in teaching, communication skills, career development, and more. Advanced Teaching Fellows have the opportunity to propose additional lectures and multi-session courses for member groups and the public.

Candidates must be graduate students currently enrolled in a Ph.D.  program in Art History or a related field, finishing their coursework or working toward the completion of their dissertation. Students specializing in areas covered by the Museum's collection are given special consideration, but this is not a prerequisite for selection. We are seeking diverse perspectives on American Art of the 20th and 21st Century, including Latinx and American indigenous perspectives. We are especially looking for candidates who are able to offer tours in both Spanish and English.

The Teaching Fellows Program offers a base pay of $500 per month to support the learning opportunities of the program, in addition to per tour pay of $125 per hour for private and specialized tours and $110 for public tours. Fellows also have the potential for further pay for multi-week courses, special programs, member lectures, and other projects. 

We are currently taking applications for openings in Fall of 2022. Inquiries are welcome at

The Joan Tisch Teaching Fellows Program at the Whitney Museum of American Art is supported by a generous gift from Steven Tisch.

We are currently taking applications for openings in the Fall of 2022.




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