Study Session: Codify Art
Sep 26, 2017

  • Codify Art Study Session presenters in front of an audience

    Codify Art leads the Study Session, June 2017. Photograph by Filip Wolak

  • Jon Key speaking to the audience

    Codify Art members Jon Key and Kat JK Lee discuss “nation” with participants

  • Someone holding a piece of paper and a pen

    A participant writes down their thoughts

  • Teacher holding up a piece of paper in front of an audience

    Codify Art demonstrates how to make a zine out of a sheet of paper

During the Study Session on June 9, Brooklyn-based, artist collective, Codify Art led a discussion on Elizabeth Catlett’s series of prints The Negro Woman, 1946-47 (re-titled The Black Woman, 1989) and Jacob Lawrence’s War Series 1946-47, on view in the exhibition, Where We Are: Selections from the Whitney’s Collection, 1900-1960. Focusing on topics of labor, nation, and marginalization, participants wrote down words, shared them, and turned their sheets of paper into small zines. The workshop provided an opportunity for the audience to process serious discussion in creative and communal ways. Check out the slide show above. All photographs by Filip Wolak.

By Danii Carrasco, Access & Community Programs Intern