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Flint Water Meets the Mighty Hudson by Pope.L

On a summer night in August, Pope.L and team surreptitiously poured water from Flint, Michigan into the Hudson River in advance of his upcoming exhibition at the Whitney, Pope.L: Choir. The performance continues the artist’s investigation of water, and is related to his Flint Water Project (2017) in which he bottled water from Flint and turned the bottles into a series of art objects, calling attention to the contaminated water in the city and the need for safe water everywhere. 

Best known for enacting arduous and provocative interventions in public spaces, Pope.L’s work addresses issues and themes ranging from language, gender, and race, to social struggle and community. 

COVID-19 vaccination and face coverings are not required, but strongly recommended for all visitors. Plan your visit and review our visitor policies.



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