Meet the 2019 Biennial Artist: Daniel Lind-Ramos

In the lead-up to the Whitney Biennial 2019, we visited five artists in their studios to learn more about their work. The third episode of the series features Daniel Lind-Ramos at his studio in Loíza, Puerto Rico. Lind-Ramos uses found materials from all over his community to create assemblages that engage Puerto Rico's history and present-day life. His sculpture Maria-Maria refers to both the Virgin Mary and Hurricane Maria, which killed more than 3,000 Puerto Ricans and destroyed much of the island in 2017. His sculptures 1797: Vencedor (1797: Victorious) and Centinelas (Sentinels) recall the British invasion of San Juan in 1797, which was defeated in part thanks to the Black militia of Loíza and Cangrejos. Drawing on items imbued with memory, Lind-Ramos creates works that connect his community to their history. 



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