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June 30–Nov 12, 2006

Trace features artists who deal in various ways with the idea of the spectral trace, the absent object, and an on-going investigation of how the invisible--time, memory, desire--shapes our material reality. Locating the impermanence of contemporary existence in references to the specific and personal (i.e. failed studio projects cast in resin, photographs of shadowy texts placed in iconic American landscapes, urban construction elements cast in velvety white plaster), a pervasive sense of loss and tragedy links a number of these works, but they also possess a kind of sublime memorialization. 

Occupying both the Gallery and Sculpture Court of the Whitney Museum of American Art at Altria, the exhibition features newly commissioned work by Jedediah Caesar, Shannon Ebner, Iván Navarro, Karyn Olivier, Michael Queenland, and Karlis Rekevics.

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A 30-second online art project:
Sara Ludy, Tumbleweeds

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