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Whitney Biennial 2022

Performances will take place in the galleries, the theater, and other spaces throughout the Museum.

Awilda Sterling-Duprey: 
. . . blindfolded

Awilda Sterling-Duprey performed . . . blindfolded during the installation of the 2022 Biennial. Sterling-Duprey’s dance-drawings, a series of works begun in 2020, involve her blindfolding herself to make intense jittery, abstract marks on paper and walls in response to jazz improvisation.

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Jason Rhoades: Sutter’s Mill

In Jason Rhoades’s performance and installation, Sutter’s Mill, a stainless steel structure is disassembled and reassembled over the course of a day. The work is based on the California sawmill where the 1848 discovery of gold set off the California Gold Rush.

Fridays, April 8–September 2

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Moved by the Motion: MOBY DICK; or, The Whale

In MOBY DICK; or, The Whale, award-winning filmmaker and visual artist Wu Tsang and her collective, Moved by the Motion, embark upon a feature-length, silent-film telling of Herman Melville’s great American novel. Presented in its North American premiere at The Shed, the film includes original music composed by Caroline Shaw and Andrew Yee with Asma Maroof, performed live by Musicians of the New York Philharmonic, conducted by Daniela Candillari.

Friday, April 15
Saturday, April 16
Sunday, April 17

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Alex Da Corte: ROY G BIV

Alex Da Corte’s ROY G BIV is both an installation featuring a video projected onto a cube and an ongoing performance. Da Corte’s cube will be painted a series of colors by Americo Da Corte, the artist’s brother, a professional housepainter. The performance riffs on John Baldessari’s video Six Colorful Inside Jobs (1977).

Wednesday, April 20
Thursday, May 12

Friday, June 3
Saturday, June 25
Sunday, July 17
Monday, August 8

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Raven Chacon: Zitkala

Raven Chacon’s performance is a gathering of thirteen Indigenous women musicians for whom the artist has written and created musical scores, which are displayed in the Biennial.

Details to be announced.

Terence Nance: 4th Dimension Trigger, 5th Dimension Trauma

Terence Nance’s performance is an immersive installation and healing ceremony inspired by Malidoma Patrice Somé’s writings on Ifa healing rituals and community practice.

Details to be announced.

Ivy Kwan Arce and Julie Tolentino:
HTG: Hold Tight Gently

Ivy Kwan Arce and Julie Tolentino's participation in the Biennial embodies and crystallizes many years of community practice and activism around the HIV/AIDS crisis as well as gender and identity justice.

Details to be announced.

COVID-19 vaccination and face coverings are not required, but strongly recommended for all visitors. Plan your visit and review our visitor policies.



A 30-second online art project:
Sara Ludy, Tumbleweeds

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