Verbal Description and Touch Tour with 2022 Biennial artist Lisa Alvarado

Sat, July 30, 2022
6:30–7:30 pm

Join us for an in-person Verbal Description and Touch Tour, followed by a sound performance by 2022 Biennial artist Lisa Alvarado and her band, Natural Information Society. 

Verbal Description and Touch Tour: 6:30–7:30 pm
Floor 5, Bluhm Kaufman Gallery

Sound Performance: 7:30–8:30 pm
Floor 3, Susan and John Hess Family Gallery and available online via livestream

Alvarado’s installation of suspended abstract paintings explores rhythm and pulse as forms of navigation. Her works in the Whitney Biennial consider the relationship between geography and the body in a moment of imbalance and transformation. In addition to creating visual art, Alvarado plays the harmonium in the band Natural Information Society led by multi-instrumentalist and composer Joshua Abrams. Alvarado’s free-hanging paintings accompany the band’s performances to create a setting for shared experience. At this event, the artworks will be accessible through verbal description and touch objects.

Verbal Description and Touch Tours provide an opportunity for visitors who are Blind or have low vision to experience the richness and diversity of twentieth- and twenty-first-century American art through vivid description.

Face coverings are required to attend this event. All attendees ages two and older must wear face coverings that cover the nose and mouth.

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