Quieter Hours for Neurodivergent Visitors:
2022 Biennial

Sun, Aug 28, 2022
8:30–10 am

Floors 1, 3, 6

Quieter Hours for Neurodivergent Visitors are designed with greater access for neurodivergent visitors, visitors on the autism spectrum, visitors with PTSD and beyond. 

In order to make this event accessible, some audio and video works with loud noises and flashing lights will be turned off. We will also have noise canceling ear defenders, manual wheelchairs and stim materials available and an optional tour available in plain language of the 2022 Biennial on Floor 6. There is a quiet space open on Floor 3 with low light and seating. Face coverings are required to attend this event. All attendees ages two and older must wear face coverings that cover the nose and mouth.

The social narrative for this event can be found below: 

Social Narrative

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