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Weekend at Bernie’s

Thurs, June 30, 2011
8 pm

Known as one of the classic comedies of the 1980s, Weekend at Bernie’s tells the story of two junior insurance agents who—after discovering fraud at their agency—find themselves in the midst of a mafia murder plot. When they arrive at their boss’s swanky summer home only to discover him dead, they decide to conceal his murder in order to protect themselves. The movie is a classic example of the "high concept" genre of cinema, in which the hook or plot of the movie can be summed up in a sentence, or even the title—a structure mirrored in the work of Cory Arcangel. Arcangel introduces this iconic film (which he will be seeing for the first time), screened on the occasion of his exhibition, Cory Arcangel: Pro Tools

This program is part of the My Turn public programs series. For Cory Arcangel: Pro Tools, My Turn invited Arcangel to create programs for the Whitney's public that are an extension of and informed by his own artistic processes and methods.

$8 general admission; $6 senior citizens and students; free for members.


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