Visual AIDS Last Address Tribute Walk

SAT, May 12, 2018
3 pm

Floor 3, Susan and John Hess Family Gallery and Theater

For the Sixth Annual Last Address Tribute Walk, Visual AIDS Programs Director Alex Fialho will lead a tribute walk to the Lost Addresses of six sites marked by cultural and activist HIV/AIDS histories in the West Village: Florent, The Mineshaft, The Clit Club, The Piers, The Neutral Zone, and St Vincent’s Hospital. Highlighting former sites of nightlife, housing, creativity and care, the 6th Annual Last Address Tribute Walk locates community and social life in the midst of the AIDS crisis.

The program will begin at 3PM with a screening of Ira Sachs’ film Last Address (2010, 9 min.) at the Whitney Museum, followed by short video clips contextualizing each site, including Charles Atlas’ Butcher’s Vogue (1991, shot at Florent), a slideshow created by Julie Tolentino of Clit Club invitations, and more. The event will then move to the streets of the West Village, stopping at each address for readings by special guests involved with or influenced by the sites who will share a tribute in a spirit of lively of remembrance: Stuart Comer at Florent (69 Gansevoort Street); Brad Gooch at The Mineshaft (835 Washington Street); Vivian Crockett, Tara Hart, Michele Hill and Lori E. Seid with words by Julie Tolentino at The Clit Club (432 W 14th Street); Egyptt LaBeija at The Piers (at Pier 48); Luna Luis Ortiz at The Neutral Zone (162 Christopher Street); and Rafael Sánchez at St Vincent’s Hospital (15 7th Avenue). At each site, a drawing by Win Mixter evoking the Lost Addresses and a rose will be left in tribute. Through the constellation of readings and roses, drawings and doorsteps, the Last Address Tribute Walk situates community through remembrance and response.

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