Rafa Esparza and Nao Bustamante: Floating Gardens No. 2

SAT, June 10, 2017
5–7 pm

Floor One

In Floating Gardens No. 2, 2017 Biennial artist Rafa Esparza and Nao Bustamante navigate the intersections of their own respective practices as they traverse the physical space of the Whitney and its surroundings. Borrowing adobe bricks from his installation Figure Ground: Beyond the White Field (2017), Esparza  will create a platform on which the performers travel, reconfiguring their ground with each step and extending a path to propel them forward. This intense process is interrupted by Bustamante who, side by side with Esparza, conjures a journey to a new world on this floating transport.

Nao Bustamante is an artist whose work encompasses performance art, video installation, visual art, filmmaking, and writing. She is currently Professor and Vice Dean of Art at the USC Roski School of Art and Design in Los Angeles, California.

This event is free.

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