Course on Contemporary Art:
Subjecthood in Painting Today

Select Tuesdays
6 pm

Online, via Zoom

This three-part course explores the work of contemporary painters of color who utilize the figure to explore the conceptual. Held in conjunction with the exhibition Jennifer Packer: The Eye Is Not Satisfied With Seeing, it offers participants an in-depth view into the fragmented and lush experimental paintings on view. 

Considering both the historical movement Romanticism and the post-punk music style of “New Romanticism,” we will examine the ways in which a new generation is turning away from the rational self and towards the interpersonal, the subconscious, and the dreary. Building on the works of artists like Jennifer Packer, Amy Sherald, Salman Toor, and Jordan Casteel, the course will examine how artists understand angst amidst socio-political collapse and complacency to oppressive systems.

January 18, January 25, and February 1
6 pm

An open Q&A and discussion follows each session. Registrants can access on-demand course recordings for the duration of the course.

Ayanna Dozier is an artist, lecturer, curator, and scholar. She recently completed her Ph.D. in art history and communication studies at McGill University. She is the author of the 33 ⅓ book on Janet Jackson’s The Velvet Rope. She is currently a Joan Tisch Teaching Fellow at the Whitney and a lecturer in the Department of Communication and Media Studies at Fordham University.

This event will have live closed captioning. If you need captions in a separate browser window, please email for StreamText link.

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