Ask a Horticulturist   

Sun, July 14, 2024
2–3 pm

Floor 8

Sunday, July 14,  2 pm, 3 pm

Join us for a conversation in the galleries with horticulturists Tim Kerins and Orrin Sheehan about Survival Piece #5: Portable Orchard and how we can sustainably cultivate and care for plants in different environments. Participants are encouraged to ask questions and contribute to the conversation inspired by the exhibition.  


Tim Kerins is the founder and owner of Garden Culture NYC LLC, a design-and-build landscape firm specializing in creating bespoke urban spaces with a strong emphasis on sustainable and organic practices. Previously, he has worked at The High Line and Brooklyn Botanic Garden, where he completed the intern program and earned his certificate in horticulture. Tim is a certified arborist and holds a permaculture design certificate, and he is committed to sustainable landscape practices. 

Orrin Sheehan has been a horticulturist in NYC for over 15 years. He is passionate about establishing complex landscapes in unique urban situations. A graduate of the New York Botanical Garden’s School of Professional Horticulture, Orrin previously worked at the High Line for seven seasons as a zone gardener and Horticulture Supervisor. He is currently the Head of Horticulture at Little Island.  

ASL interpretation available for the 2 pm session.

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