Ask a Curator: In the Balance: Between Painting and Sculpture, 1965–1985

Tues, Nov 15, 2022
7 pm

Online, via Zoom

Explore In the Balance: Between Painting and Sculpture, 1965–1985 with the show’s organizer, Jennie Goldstein. 

This exhibition brings together works from the Whitney's collection that cross boundaries, upset conventions, and commingle elements of painting and sculpture. Regardless of whether they pour across or sit on the floor, the sculptures included here explore painting’s domain through investigations of color, surface, and optical perception. The paintings, conversely, engage with sculptural concerns by taking up ideas long associated with three-dimensional art, such as balance and objecthood. The works featured, created between 1965 and 1985, exist beyond established limits of what artists can do and upset the balance of pre-existing ideas of what art can be.

For this event, Jennie Goldstein, Assistant Curator, will provide an introductory overview of the exhibition, followed by a question and answer session led by Jane Panetta, Nancy and Fred Poses Curator and Director of the Collection, and McClain Groff, Curatorial Assistant. 

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