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After School Art Club:

WED, Feb 3, 2021
4–5 pm

Online, via Zoom

For kids ages 5–10

Welcome to After School Art Club, a free weekly online program with Whitney educators! Kids ages 5 to 10 are invited to experiment and make art with at-home art materials. Tell a friend and join the club!

This week’s activity is inspired by Marisol. Each of the four life-size wood female figures in Women and Dog is a self-portrait of the artist! We learn about Marisol’s art and life, and create a self portrait celebrating the many sides of ourselves.


  • Small cardboard box
  • Scissors
  • Photos of yourself, people you love, and interesting things
  • Tissue paper
  • Collage materials:
    • Colorful paper
    • Magazine clippings

This event will have automated closed captions through Zoom. Live captioning is available for public programs and events upon request with seven business days advance notice. We will make every effort to provide accommodation for requests made outside of that window of time. To place a request, please contact us at or (646) 666-5574 (voice). Relay and voice calls welcome.

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A 30-second online art project:
LaTurbo Avedon, Morning Mirror / Evening Mirror

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