2020 ISP Critical Studies Symposium

Fri, May 29, 2020
5 pm

Online, via Zoom

The Critical Studies Symposium is an evening-long event during which each of the six participants from this year's Whitney Independent Study Critical Studies Program presents a short paper on their current research. Two discussants respond to these papers.

This program is free but registration is required.


Introduction by Lindsay Caplan
Ph.D. Art History, CUNY Graduate Center; Postdoctoral Research Associate, Brown University

Session I
5–7 pm

Discussant: Tina Campt
Professor, Humanities and Modern Culture and Media, Brown University

Amaris Brown
Where You Find A Wild Woman

Che Gossett
The Abolition Machine: Black Radicalism, Abolitionist Techno-Aesthetics and the Philosophy of Technology

Jonas Stark Johnson
Force Multipliers and Spiritual Fitness: Scenes of Exception in Everyday Self-Defense.

7–7:30 pm

Session II
7:30–9:30 pm

Discussant: Soyoung Yoon
Assistant Professor and Program Director of Art History & Visual Studies, The New School

Pei-Chun (Viola) Hsieh
Press on and Play the Hits: Chen Ting-jung's You Are the Only One I Care About (Whisper) 

Thomas Love
Surface and Emptiness: Ulrike Ottinger’s Ornamentik

Patricia Manos
Russian Blues, Rainbow Solidarity

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