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Making Zines With Lele Saveri
Jul 13, 2016

Artist Lele Saveri leads zine-making workshop for YI Arts Careers. Photograph by Patrick Macleod

On July 13, Youth Insights Arts Careers participants were fortunate enough to receive a visit from Lele Saveri who runs 8-Ball Community, a well-known club of zine-makers and admirers. The day began with Saveri describing exactly what a zine is—a self-published magazine. He showed the group many examples of zines and laid out the supplies for everyone to make their own. We immediately dove into the process. From cutting to collating, every step was worth it.

YI Arts Careers pose with their finished zines. Photograph by Patrick Macleod

The day ended with fourteen unique zines.

 By Amy, YI Participant



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