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YI Arts Careers Visit The Center
Jul 27, 2016

YI Arts Careers meets with Joanna McClintick, Sexual Health Specialist at The Center. Photograph by Dyeemah Simmons

On July 27, YI Art Careers visited The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center. The Whitney has a special partnership with The Center and has facilitated drop-in artmaking workshops for their youth. During our visit, we were given a tour of the building’s facilities.

Joanna McClintick, Sexual Health Specialist at The Center, taught us about the building’s history during the AIDS crisis and the resources they provide for LGBT youth at The Center. We also visited their bookstore and the amazing Keith Haring Bathroom (above). We had visited the Keith Haring Foundation a few weeks earlier so we were familiar with his work. At the end of the visit, I left with a greater understanding and respect for the Center and an urge to go back to buy some self-published zines from the bookstore!

By Amanda, YI Participant



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