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YI Arts Careers visit MoMA PS1
Jul 21, 2016

YI Arts Careers participants look at Keith Sonnier’s Ba-O-Ba Fluorescent (1970). Photograph by Charlotte, YI Participant

On July 21, YI Arts Careers traveled to Long Island City, Queens to visit MoMA PS1. This museum is one of my personal favorites. To me, contemporary art in the context of a school building is such a captivating combination and interesting concept. Five different exhibitions were on view throughout the building, covering floors or happening in spaces like the attic or boiler room. The first floor was a favorite for many of my peers—it featured the work of Cao Fei, a Chinese artist. The exhibition started with miniature scenes of a post-apocalyptic China that seemed to have happened because of natural disaster or economic crisis or both.

The second floor included lots of my favorite artists. The show, called Forty, featured a selection of works by artists who helped start PS1, including Dennis Oppenheim, Marcia Hafif, Keith Sonnier, Nancy Holt, and Doug Wheeler. All of the works on display were experimental or radical in the 1970s. PS 1 was created to show contemporary, experimental work, and I feel like the organization still holds true to this standard. I found this floor interesting because the artists showcased are now largely accepted in the art world, showing how society’s perceptions have changed over the years. My friends and I especially loved the neon piece by Keith Sonnier.

YI Arts Careers in front of MoMA PS1. Photograph by Sasha Wortzel 

Overall, it was a great field trip because of its unique curation and aesthetic, and it was a new experience for many. It’s a place that really celebrates contemporary art, much like the Whitney.

By Charlotte, YI Participant



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