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Open Studio for Teens: Tamara Renée Davidson
Nov 4, 2016

Teens show off their Carmen Herrera inspired painting. Photograph by Filip Wolak

On November 4, Tamara Renée Davidson led a workshop on improvisation, abstraction, and electronic music. Davidson started off by asking the group what improvisation was and how we use it on a day to day basis. Then we looked at slides of artwork by artists including Carmen Herrera, whose work is currently on view at the Museum.

Teens work collaboratively on a Carmen Herrera inspired painting. Photograph by Filip Wolak

Davidson invited us to create a collaborative painting using improvisation and only two colors. After we finished our paintings, we began experimenting with improvisation in music. 

Davidson encourages teens to experiment with musical improvisation. Photography by Filip Wolak 

The group played different instruments such as a hand piano, a cowbell, and shakers. We worked together to create beats using Tamara’s music software and keyboard. One beat was called Dreamy turn up, which had a harp in the background. Lastly, we watched Tamara’s new music video, Cycles. As a person who loves improvisation, this open studio was a great opportunity to try something new!

By Amanata, YI Leader



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