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YI Visits the Keith Haring Foundation
Jul 14, 2016

YI Arts Careers at the Keith Haring Foundation. Photograph by Fawn Krieger

On July 14, YI Arts Careers visited the Keith Haring Foundation. Originally started by Keith Haring in 1989, the foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping AIDS-related charities as well as preserving the collection of Haring’s artwork. Visiting the Keith Haring Foundation was surreal. Being inside his actual studio was unbelievable—seeing his artwork and fan mail and his shoes or paint marks across the floor and wall. Though it was a fun experience, it is sad to know that such an innovative artist died so young. However, his legacy lives on through the foundation because they promote the same ideals he believed in. Long live the legend.

By Enrique, YI Participant



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