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Print Your Veggies

Ruth Asawa made the print Untitled (Potato print branches, purple/blue) using a surprising material—a potato. She sliced the vegetable in half and carved a drawing into it, which she then printed into a rhythmic composition. Asawa once remarked, “an artist is an ordinary person, who can take ordinary things and make them special.”

Take a close look at Untitled (Potato print branches, purple/blue). Then, create prints from the fruits and veggies in your kitchen.


  • Firm fruits and veggies
  • A cutting board and knife (ask a grown-up for help)
  • Block printing ink, acrylic paint, or tempera paint
  • Breyer or paint brushes
  • Plate or flat surface 
  • Thick paper like watercolor paper or cardstock
  • Paper towels or a clean rag