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Window Installation

Raúl de Nieves often transforms everyday materials into something fantastical. He made each panel of this stained glass mural by hand, with paper, wood, glue, and thin, colored plastic sheets. De Nieves included a fly, and the words peace, love, truth, justice, harmony, and hope in this installation.

Use thin, translucent paper such as wax or parchment paper to create a drawing for a window space at home. Think about a message you want to share with people passing by and for your family. What shapes, symbols, and figures will you include to communicate your message? When you’ve finished your drawing, tape it to a window where people inside and outside can see it.

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Raúl de Nieves, beginning & the end, neither & the otherwise, betwixt & between, the end is the beginning & the end, 2016. Paper, wood, glue, acetates, tape, and beads, 195 × 456 5/16 in. (495.3 × 1159 cm). Collection of the artist; courtesy Company Gallery, New York. Photograph by Bill Orcutt



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Amelia Winger-Bearskin, Sky/World Death/World

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