Line, Shape, Blob

In this painting, Elizabeth Murray used goofy shapes and energetic zigzags that overlap or cover parts of each other. The lines seem to disappear into the shapes and then appear again, perhaps like children running from one group of friends to another on a playground as the title of this painting suggests—Children Meeting. Imagine that these lines and shapes are kids. What would the pink line say as it rushes past the green or the purple shape?

Invite two other artists in your family to work with you to make a series of collaborative drawings. Use colored pencils or markers. Have each person pick a color to use and a form to draw: a line, a shape, or a blob. To begin your drawings, ask each person to draw the form they chose on three separate pieces of paper. Then give your sheet of paper to the person next to you so they can add their form to your drawing. Keep passing your sheet of paper to the next person until you have at least two lines, two shapes, and two blobs on each sheet. Compare your finished drawings. How are they similar? How are they different? Choose a title for each drawing.

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