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Jennifer and Kevin McCoy

December 6, 2008

Jennifer and Kevin McCoy work in a variety of electronic media, including video, photographs, and computers. They have made dioramas of actual or imagined events and used video and sound to create a narrative environment. During a gallery tour with families, the McCoys explored Alexander calder’s sculptures and installations with kids and parents. Sharing a slideshow of their work with families, the artists made connections to their own experience of creating performative sculptures. They asked families to make their own miniature sculptural narratives inspired by calder’s Circus, which were then photographed and documented by the artists and families together.

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  • Families work on an art project

    Underwater circus

  • A girl uses art supplies

    Cowboy circus

  • A child creates a collage

    Cowboy circus

  • Kids work on an art project

    Jennifer McCoy at cowboy circus

  • The artist shows his work to a child

    Kevin McCoy

  • Kids make art

    Jennifer McCoy

  • A family collaborates with the artist

    McCoys working together with a family

  • A mother laying out art supplies

    Family working on their circus scene

  • A little girl add to the collage

    Cowboy circus

  • The artist demonstrates how the art works

    Kevin McCoy photographing family's circus

Photographs by Stina Puotinen

Artwork by Families

Photographs by Jennifer and Kevin McCoy



A 30-second online art project:

Peter Burr, Sunshine Monument

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