Family Workshop and Teatime with Susan Cianciolo
Jul 11, 2017

  • Susan Cianciolo showing a group of kids how to make placemats

    Susan Cianciolo demonstrates how to create placemats, June 2017. Photograph by Patrick MacLeod

  • A family is sitting and making placemats

    A family works on their placemats, June 2017. Photograph by Patrick MacLeod

  • a child shows off their patchwork placemat

    A participant proudly shows their placemat, June 2017. Photograph by Patrick MacLeod

  • a guest is poured a cup of tea

    Participants enjoy tea and treats, June 2017. Photograph by Patrick MacLeod

Families joined 2017 Biennial artist, filmmaker, and fashion designer Susan Cianciolo on June 17 for a special artmaking workshop. For her Biennial project Run Restaurant Untitled presented earlier this spring, Cianciolo transformed the Whitney’s eatery by designing tapestries, placemats, and uniforms for the wait staff for communal style dining. Guests enjoyed an immersive event with a new multicourse dinner menu and performances. Inspired by her larger project, Cianciolo worked with Whitney educators to organize an artist-designed tea party just for kids.

During the workshop, families designed and created collaborative placemats, sewing patterned textiles, trims, and patches together and adding words with fabric markers.

After the workshop, tea and an assortment of sweet treats were served.

Eduardo Restrepo-Castano, assistant to Teen Programs helped out with the program and commented, “It was the perfect Saturday for tea and artmaking with a beautiful view of the Hudson River under the rainy clouds. As the day progressed, the sun shone through the theater. It was pretty magical.”

By Biviana Sanchez, Family Programs Intern