Biennial Docent Tours
Aug 2, 2017

  • Docent Gena Whitney talks about Jon Kessler’s Evolution, 2016

  • A group stands inside Pope.L's installation

    The inside scoop on Pope.L’s installation, Claim (Whitney Version), 2017

  • visitors gaze into Golden's installation

    Unexpected views of Samara Golden’s installation, The Meat Grinder’s Iron Clothes, 2017

  • a docent discusses colorful paintings from the Biennial

    Insights into Shara Hughes’s paintings

  • a tour sits in the classroom art piece from the Biennial

    Relaxing in Chemi Rosado-Seijo’s Salón–Sala–Salón (Classroom/Gallery/Classroom), 2017. Collaboration with the Lower Manhattan Arts Academy and instructor Julie Roinos

The Whitney’s Docents led free tours of the 2017 Biennial exhibition for over six thousand Museum visitors. With artwork that pushes boundaries and challenges viewers, a guided tour can be an invaluable resource for an exhibition like the Biennial. Docents provide insights into the ideas behind the works of art on view and help visitors make sense of it by offering interpretive content and providing a larger context for the work. The slideshow above highlights a docent tour of the Biennial. All photographs by Filip Wolak.

By Ellen Tepfer, Manager of Docent and Teaching Fellow Programs