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This audio guide highlights selected works from the exhibition SHERRIE LEVINE: MAYHEM and features commentary by Johanna Burton, guest curator, critic, and art historian; Thomas Crow, art historian; Richard Flood, chief curator at the New Museum; Howard Singerman, critic and art historian; Carrie Springer, senior curatorial assistant; and Elisabeth Sussman, curator and Sondra Gilman Curator of Photography.

NARRATOR: In L’Absinthe, Levine presents the 1876 Edgar Degas painting of the same name in twelve black-and-white photographs. In the image, a woman gazes out over her absinthe, a highly addictive alcoholic drink popular in the late nineteenth century. By eliminating color, Levine heightens the focus on the alienated woman at the center of the image. The repetition of the image undermines any sense of uniqueness we might find in her emotional state—perhaps what we see on her face is simply the look of the modern condition. By repeating the images, Levine reinterprets them.