Bunny Rogers: Brig Und Ladder

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Bunny Rogers on the exhibition


Bunny Rogers: Hi, I’m Bunny Rogers.

So the first room, there will be an animation, it will be a performance by three characters that I've worked with before.  They are from the short lived animation on MTV called Clone High. It’s a kind of like a sitcom with clones of famous historical figures, the protagonists being Abe, or Abraham Lincoln, and Joan, for Joan of Arc, Cleo, Cleopatra. So I really related to the friendship that Joan is surprised to stumble upon with this character that I call Mandy but is unnamed in the show.

They're together and performing this song from one of my favorite musicals from my childhood, Cats. It's actually me covering the song. And the song “Memory” is the character Grizabella's—the lyrics explain her fall from grace and not being the young attractive cat on the block anymore.

Tillikum, was a famous orca, a performing orca in Sea World and he ended up killing multiple trainers. And he was confined to a very small space for—he lived out his life in a very small container of water and he actually died very recently. I guess I'm interested in him as kind of a tragic figure.

In the second room, there are three ladders, three computer chairs, three mops, and a large train model. The train is Lady from Thomas the Tank Engine stories. I'm interested in Lady in particular because of her character design and that she ends up fitting the girl next door role somehow, which is a complex character type. I'm interested in the way that that happens in media for children. That these adult character tropes and ways of categorizing specifically women trickle down to cartoons and children's books.

There's this theme of threes for me within this show, the color palette is basically a desaturated version of the three primary colors and there's three ladders, there's multiples of three of all the sculpture items. The idea for the show came out of wanting to talk about my relationship with two other people so I guess it is a space for three people to exist. I think the utilitarian quality is maybe my way of anonymizing these people that were once very close to me and aren't anymore.

Bunny Rogers, Clone State Bookcase, 2014 (detail). Maple wood, metal, limited-edition Elliott Smith plush dolls, “Ferdinand the Bull” third-place mourning ribbons, and casters, 97 × 121.5 × 24 in. (246 × 309 × 61 cm). Courtesy the artist and Société. Photograph by Uli Holz