Whitney Biennial 2017

Solo en Inglès

Park McArthur: My name is Park McArthur and I’m an artist living here in New York, and I’m originally from North Carolina.

Brown signs are used within the Department of Transportation and the Manual of Unified Traffic Controlled Devices to designate cultural institutions, national parks, and historical places. In the Whitney Museum the same color and design of these signs is used but without any of the language or wording that would typically go inside of the sign to indicate where you were going. 

The interest is both to allow for a description of the brown signs to literally indicate the Museum is a cultural site, as the signs would ordinarily do out in the world, and at the same time that they also might allow for a descriptive space of historical places or what has come before the Whitney Museum in this neighborhood. The fact that the signs are blank allows for an openness or multiplicity to happen there. As well as an imaginative space of what might go there.