Whitney Biennial 2017

Solo en Inglès

Sticker with white words and geometric shapes on window pane

Casey Gollan (b. 1991) and Victoria Sobel (b. 1990), installation view of Reflections, 2017. Vinyl, three components, 178 ¼ x 28 ¼ in. (452.8 x 71.8 cm) each. Collection of the artists. Photograph by Bill Orcutt

Victoria Sobel: I am Victoria Sobel.

Casey Gollan: I’m Casey Gollan. 

Victoria Sobel: Casey and I are artists that have been working for a few years with the idea of text and the materiality of institutions.

Narrator: The artists respond poetically to the real, physical material of institutional buildings.

Victoria Sobel: Oftentimes we'll pick elements of buildings like bricks or windows to really further examine, in this case the artificiality of glass as a process which bridges the natural and the artificial, has been of extreme relevance to us in considering how that is a metaphor for analog and digital ways of thinking about text and language.

We've been thinking a lot about glass as a material, glass as a ubiquitous material, and as a type of extended metaphor for something that transposes visibility and a surface for writing and communication.