Mirror Cells

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This audio guide features commentary by four of the exhibiting artists and Jane Panetta, associate curator and co-curator of Mirror Cells.

Installation view of Mirror Cells (Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, May 13—August 21, 2016). Photograph Genevieve Hanson

Jane Panetta: The artists in this show all seem to have a similar interest in materiality, in using certain materials, like ceramic, wood, fabric, maybe what might be considered more modest materials. I think we saw this narrative thread in the work—or this willingness to engage in figurative forms, in figurative objects—particularly interesting right now. In a lot of ways we’ve been in a moment that’s been very partial to conceptual work, or more abstract work, or work that feels maybe high-production. And I think in contrast here, there is this—as I said—openness to engage with narrative, to engage with figurative form in a kind of unapologetic way.