Andy Warhol—From A to B and Back Again

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Transcription: Water, 1971

Running time: 32:31 mins

[static rumbling]

[water sloshing]

[voices chatting in background]

Voice one: It’s good with gum.

Andy Warhol: What is?

Voice one: I said it’s good with gum.

Andy Warhol: What is?

Voice one: Water.

Andy Warhol: Oh. So what have you been doing?

Voice one: Sewing Jackie’s clothes.

Andy Warhol: Oh really?

Voice one: With nobody else, everybody dropped — [film skips].

Andy Warhol: She dropped out? Are you the lead now? For every part?

Voice one: I guess. Jackie is James Dean, now.

Andy Warhol: Oh really?

Voice one: M-hm. Changed her name to James Dean. I call her Jackie.

Andy Warhol: [unintelligible]

Voice one: No, just James Dean, I guess. Or Jimmy Dean. Who knows.

Andy Warhol: How’s it doing, is it doing business?

Voice one: Not really. 

Andy Warhol: Really? Why not?

Voice one: I don’t know. Got really small audiences.

Andy Warhol: Oh really?

Voice one: But tonight, there are supposed to be lots of reservations, so maybe it will pick up again. 

Andy Warhol: Who’s the main singer?

Voice one: There’s not a really a main singer, really. I mean, Mario sings, I sing, Dorian sings.

Andy Warhol: Dorian’s back in it?

Voice one: Yeah, m-hm. It’s entirely different. You should come and see it. Lots of new scenes.

Andy Warhol: Where’s it at?

Voice one: At the Arena on East Fourth Street.

Andy Warhol: Would you like another glass of water?

Voice one: No, I haven’t finished this one yet. Thanks anyway. It’s so much nicer in the theater. Cushion-lined seats. Comfortable. It’s more decorative. More character. A lot more fun. 

Andy Warhol: We were supposed to find a way to do that [unintelligible].

Voice one: M-hm. Still no word? 

Andy Warhol: No, Gavin was here, and he was supposed to come back yesterday and today, but he hasn’t called.

Voice one: I’d like to go if you have a part for me… So, I haven’t seen Holly for four or five days. Somebody told me she was living with some drug addicts or something, and they keep the telephone off the hook and they don’t answer. 

Andy Warhol: Why?

Voice one: I guess they think it’s too much trouble to answer the phone or something.

Andy Warhol: Is Joan still in town?

Voice one: He left. He went to Texas or something.

Andy Warhol: Oh he did?

Voice one: Yeah. 

Andy Warhol: Is she still with Bron?

Voice one: Um, sort of in between. 

Andy Warhol: [unintelligible]

Voice one: Yeah, she was fabulous. She did a wonderful dance, a belly dance with all the scarves around her. It was fabulous. She should’ve kept up. She should’ve done it every night. 

Andy Warhol: Oh really? Wow. What is Paul doing?

Voice one: She’s got a job working at the Color Hotel. 

Andy Warhol: What hotel?

Voice one: The Color Hotel. You know, right behind the Color Bar. She’s dropped out of the play, working.

Andy Warhol: Really?

Voice one: She had an ulcer or something.

Andy Warhol: Ulcer! She had cancer?

Voice one: You know, Paul, she’s so busy and everything — it all catches up with her. She was hemorrhaging or something, she figured she had to get a job. You know, to pay her doctor bills, I guess, which is a good idea, I suppose. She gets to the trucks. She’s got her hair cut.

Andy Warhol: Oh… Really…

Voice one: She’s a boy now, yeah. Such a shame. But it’s kind of nice, she looks like the original little Dutch boy.

Andy Warhol: Oh really?

Voice one: Really. From that can of paint or whatever it is. Really fun.

Andy Warhol: You sure you wouldn’t like another glass of water?

Voice one: No, really.

Andy Warhol: Okay. 

Voice one: Unless you have something with bubbles or something. I’ll take another one.

[water pouring]

Andy Warhol: That was a good cup.

Voice one: That was, yeah. [unintelligible], come here, talk to Andy. 

Andy Warhol: Want a glass of water?

Voice one: [unintelligible] thinks the marrying kind now

Voice two: And I can’t even sing too well.

Andy Warhol: Oh really? 

[unintelligible chatting]

Andy Warhol: That’s a big part. You have to sleep with Jackie still?

Voice two: Never had to.

Andy Warhol: Oh.

Voice two: I’m the marrying kind.

Voice one: That’s right.

Voice two: [laughs] That’s not right, I just sleep with Silva now. 

Voice one: Doing Christmas trees all over the country?

Andy Warhol: What?

Voice two: I do Christmas trees. Design them, decorate them.

Voice one: You aren’t doing that now, though?

Voice two: Next week I’ll do it again, locally. 

Andy Warhol: Really? Wow.

Voice two: I think I’ll go on What’s My Line. Doing Christmas trees. 

Andy Warhol: Really?

Voice two: Yeah. No, I’ll send them a card and tell them though. So, that’s what’s new.

[unintelligible chatter] 

Andy Warhol: Have you made innovations in Christmas tree design?

Voice two: I did a thing for a magazine. “New York’s Best Christmas Tree Decorator.”

Andy Warhol: Oh really? When will it be out?

Voice one: Ooh, coming up in the world.

Voice two: November. And I’ll be doing Macy’s this year for Christmas.

Voice one: Last time we came up — you weren’t here — Paul had a little black wig and green tights and a little go-go skirt on, and it was really mad. It was nice, I liked it. Paul didn’t like it.

Andy Warhol: Really?

Voice one: M-hm. It was funny, though. She looked like an overweight go-go dancer. 

Voice two: Who?

Voice one: Paul — Sloppy Marie.

Voice two: Oh. Marie’s father came last night and went on the stage drunk, and announced there’s not going to be a performance.

Andy Warhol: Why?

Voice two: I don’t know, maybe ‘cause Paul wasn’t in it. Then he did a dance on the stage and couldn’t get him off.

Andy Warhol: Did they know who he was?

Voice two: It was Paul’s father.

Andy Warhol: Does he live in the neighborhood?

Voice two: No. I think he lives down South. He’s very distinguished looking, like the Colonel. He wears a gray suit, 

Voice one: Sort of like this, a white mustache and grey hair. You know, very businessman-like, and there he was, red-faced, tap dancing onstage.

Andy Warhol: Where was Paul?

Voice one: At home, at the Color Hotel, working behind the desk. 

Andy Warhol: Is that where her father is staying?

Voice one and Voice two: I don’t know, probably not.

Andy Warhol: He’s her father?

Voice one: That’s what he said when he came in. 

Voice two: And who would admit to that, unless they were really Paul’s father [laughs]. 

Andy Warhol: You sure you don’t want more water? 

Voice one: No.

Andy Warhol: Oh, Michael’s having some.

Voice two: How come you’re just shooting the water?

Andy Warhol: Oh, it’s a movie for Yoko and John Lennon. 

Voice two: Where did they buy their house? Is it on Fourth?

Andy Warhol: No, they didn’t buy a house. 

Voice two: We saw a house last night that was fantastic on East Fourth.

Andy Warhol: And you said it was theirs?

Voice two: No, it just looked so extravagant for down there.

Andy Warhol: Oh, really? On East Fourth? Where?

Voice two: Up the street from Cooties..

Voice one: Let’s see… He doesn’t like me to.  

Andy Warhol: Who?

Voice one: Paul.

Andy Warhol: Oh no, you can come over.

Voice one: Paul, do you want the rest of my water?

Andy Warhol: You’re doing the sound check for the water?

Voice two: Sure, are we?

Paul: I don’t know.

Voice one: She lives about two blocks from me.

[unintelligible talking]

Voice one: I guess.

Voice two: I work. I design trees. I really do, it’s good. It’s my fourth year of designing Christmas trees. 

Andy Warhol: You and Paul live in the same apartment?

Voice two: Oh no, she’s two blocks away. So we’re close together — I go over all the time. 

[water pouring]

[unidentifiable voice]: Thank you for the water.

Voice one: [unintelligible]… the voice the sound of the voice [unintelligible]… and the reaction you’re getting on the water here…

[water pouring]

Voice two: Thank you, for the water.

Andy Warhol: So, you don’t see Bob anymore?

Voice two: Yeah, I just came by to see him. I don’t have a telephone. 

Andy Warhol: You don’t?

Voice two: No, it’s been disconnected, and ‘cause of the phone strike I can’t get it repaired.

Andy Warhol: Oh really? Oh…

Voice two: Till they’re off strike, then I’ll have a phone again. And so every time I call him he’s not home. We were supposed to get together last weekend and I called and then he was in bed. So today I’m going to check for him.

[water pouring]

Voice two: Mmm, it’s good. It’s delicious. I have your box below nostalgia(?) magazine from way back when, if you want to run through it later on. Records of crank machines — we have a home in New Jersey with an attic full of magazines, phonographs, whatever.

[unintelligible murmuring]

Voice two: Isn’t Jackie paying you right now?

Voice one: Jackie’s just giving me all of her clothes, not paying me.

Voice two: Are you kidding?

Voice one: [laughs] No.

[unintelligible talking]

Voice one: …get beat up. Oh, someone living in the Color Hotel, they’re all kind of messed up there. 

Voice three: He’s still in the hotel?

Voice one: M-hm, he’s working behind the desk. 

Voice three: He is! 

Voice one: Taking people up from the elevator.

Voice three: He could get in so much trouble there.

[unintelligible talking]

Voice one: I think he’s trying to get back on… Yeah, he looked like a little Dutch boy. Really. He’s kind of cute, huh? Yeah, he decorates Christmas trees. Very innovational. 

[water pouring]

Voice two: Is that a rumor — that I had to sleep with Jackie or something? Did people think I had to sleep with Jackie?

Voice one: I guess so.

Voice two: I never did.

Voice one: Maybe Jackie’s been telling people.

Andy Warhol: [gasps] Really?

Voice two: People can believe whatever they want to.

Voice one: Is it true? Tell us the truth now, [unintelligible].

Voice two: If I did, I’d never do anything I was ashamed of. It’s not true. 

Voice one: James Dean’s been seen behind the trucks [laughs].

Andy Warhol: Huh? 

Voice one: Last night he came out with a cowboy hat on and —

Andy Warhol: [unintelligible]

Voice one: Not really, no. But, you know — more so, I guess. He wears telephone wires wrapped around her shoulders and cowboy hats and things like that. But she looks so butch. You know, coils and telephone wires — things like that. Dark makeup. Sort of gray hair. Like brown body makeup — it looks good. He looks good. It does, yeah. Very good looking. 

Andy Warhol: [unintelligible]

Voice one: Can you? Oh, good. I’d love one, yeah. Oh, that’s okay. I need a variety, you know. I need something different, anyway. It’s all I have.

Andy Warhol: [unintelligible]

Voice one: Okay, good. That would be fabulous. I’m getting very low on clothes.

Andy Warhol: When are you leaving?

Voice four: Tomorrow afternoon. I’m going to Amsterdam to stay for a few days. Yeah, yeah. And from Amsterdam I’m going to Hamburg. So next week I’ll be in Hamburg, and I’m going to study again. Yeah, I like it. I miss my work — I told you [laughs]. I want to read a lot. Two of my friends, they have a beautiful, small, white dog, like a Spitz, and they used to walk this dog every night from twelve to two, and I used to walk with them. It’s really beautiful, walking through the Village, not talking. It’s very relaxing. It’s good, it makes you tired, so you can go to sleep afterwards. So, that’s what I did last night.

Voice five: Is the picture the only thing shown? In other words, voice is going with that film, is that it? Like it will be together, even though it’s not together? So the tape will have this sound on it, but the water will be the screen — is that it? 

[unintelligible speaking]

Voice one: Yeah, because it’s really expensive, it’s old fashion, secondhand. He likes that.  Seventies and forties.

Voice six: All the water we’re drinking… Did you write for Interview

[unintelligible response]

Voice one: Off the television set. 

Voice four: Running it?

Voice one: Oh no, I made it in another dark room.

Voice four: Ah, on a regular TV. 

Voice one: Hm?

Voice four: On a regular TV?

Voice one: Oh yeah, not a video tape, no, just a regular TV.

Voice four: How did you make it — was it flash? It’s a Polaroid?

Voice one: No, 35mm.

Voice four: That’s a nice square.

Voice one: I know, isn’t it?

Voice five: Where will this take place, this happening? Will it take place somewhere or is it personal or private?

Voice one: It’s for John and Yoko.

Voice five: Right, that’s it.

Voice four: Why does it need this water? They just wanted something from Andy or was it a special idea, with the water? 

[unintelligible response]

Voice four: Ah-huh. You started yesterday with this?

Andy Warhol: I did, yeah.

[unintelligible talking]

Voice four: Did you sell it? You should sell it. 

Voice five: Electric eel fish, a midget doing a backstroke…

Voice four: In New York? In my free time? Oh, in New York, not so much. I try to work out my experience in writing. I wrote an essay about my experiences, but I prefer to draw and paint. I’m going to an art school in Germany. 

Voice six: I like that starlet we gave you there last time.

Voice one: Oh, Paul? Yes, I haven’t seen him in weeks. Fisher — Paul Fisher, wasn’t that it? I thought she was latched onto him like a leech, but I guess not.

Voice four: Do you know what John and Yoko are doing with this tape? Are they going to show it or is it just for themselves? 

[unintelligible response]

Voice four: Instead of a picture. 

Voice seven: [laughs] She probably really did! Yeah, we did, we introduced him to Jackie but Jackie had this other guy working, so he didn’t — yeah. 

Voice six: He just disappeared.

Voice seven: Yeah. He had muscles. 

Voice six: He was really tall! As tall as the door.

Voice one: Oh, I know. With my heels though, I’m the tallest.